the art of reception

Professionalism and enthusiasm prompt us to study every detail, every stage of the reception is planned and taken care of. This begins with researching and refining the suggested menus, then scouting for the most attractive locations, both in Italy and abroad, and ends with the impeccable mise en place.
"The classical satisfies, the new hits home" - this is and always has been our motto, and our many years of experience and our chef's passion allows us to offer our customers exceptional dishes, traditional flavours and extraordinarily innovative compositions. Colours, tastes and flavours are researched and developed in order to satisfy and amaze our guests' senses - but without ever underestimating the importance of impeccable and elegant service.
Our strength is to always rise to the challenge. We are a company that is capable of organising receptions in impossible locations, putting our highly qualified technical skills to work. We are in a position of being able to satisfy large numbers of people without ever sacrificing on the quality of the raw materials, the impeccable presentation of our dishes and the taste that sets us apart from the rest.
In recent years we have specialised in the production and supply of Food & Beverages to major international events, supporting the organisation with logistics management, the hiring of equipment and the employing of highly qualified personnel. This is in addition to providing the assistance of our award-winning Chef expertise in the delivery these services.