With an unrivalled reputation for quality, a commitment to absolute prestige, and a legacy dating back to 1898, Federico Salza is the premier luxury caterer in Italy and abroad. Salza Catering provides its extraordinary culinary expertise and highly customised event planning, as well as, organisation services for all special occasions, to include but not limited to; weddings, corporate functions, lunches, private meals and cocktail receptions. Based in Tuscany, Federico Salza caters to all regions of Italy, highlights venues in Venice, Rome, Milan and Florence, and abroad.

It All Started as a Pastry Shop


Establishing and maintaining an unmistakable style and the absolute best of Italian quality, Federico Salza has earned an unquestionable prestige ever since 1898, when grandfather Federico founded the company in Turin as an esteemed pastry and artisan chocolate shop.

The Move to Pisa


During the 1920s, the business moved to Lucca and Viareggio before finally setting in Pisa in 1927, where the Salza family brought all-Piedmonts’ bon ton destined to remain a distinctive element of absolute prestige.

The Royal Supplier of the Savoy's


It was here where the Salza family’s masterful attention to detail, its succulent dishes and immaculate services drew the attention of the Royal Savoys during their lengthy stays in San Rossore. So much so, in fact, that in 1931 the company became the official caterer to the Royal Household Real Casa.

Leaders in Luxury Catering

1950 - Present Day

Under the expertise of the son of Silvio Salza, Federico Salza, the family business grew to eventually become the unrivaled leader and namesake in Italy’s luxury catering sector. With a fervent and undiminished passion to provide the finest catering, Federico, and daughters Virginia and Federica alongside a highly qualified team of staff, continue to maintain excellence in every event planned and provide impeccable dishes that are nothing short of spectacular.



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